General Sales Conditions


Unless otherwise specified in the Order Confirmation, the goods will be free delivered to:
  • Spain for orders higher than 600 €.
  • France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland for orders higher than 1200 €
  • Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden for orders higher than 1800 €.
  • Greece, Finland and Ireland for orders higher than 2400 €.
Other European countries will have delivery costs included in orders higher than 3000 €.

Delivery Terms

  • The customer will be responsible for the goods once they are delivered in the agreed destination point.
  • When calculating delivery time, the order date will be considered from printing proof confirmation, if needed. If printed proof is not necessary (repeated orders), Order Confirmation date will be regarded as valid date.
  • Delivery date is an estimate. The customer accepts 20 days tolerance. The order cannot be refused and no damage compensation will be offered within this tolerance.
  • For deliveries to foreign countries, delivery date will be subdued to obtaining export and/or import permits or any other administrative procedures.

Tolerance in delivered quantities

Delivered quantities could differ as follows, from the quantities shown in the Order Confirmation, in excess or defect, as a consequence of the production process of each product:
  • Up to 5% in non woven with silk screen printing articles or in hand-made paper ones.
  • Up to 10% in basic line and HST articles with silk screen printing.
  • Up to 15% in flexography printed articles: automatic paper, laminated non woven and plastic.
  • Up to 5% in any other product not included in the above points.

Tolerance in finished product quality

  • Regarding gloss, hardness, smoothness, weight and size, variations will be admitted when they represent a prudential difference slightly evident at sight.
  • In different productions, base material colours and/or inks may suffer light differences that are admitted on graphic arts and textile industry sectors.


Clichés are client's property. The clichés that are guarded in our facilities will be stored for 5 years.


Order's startup will depend on the favorable classification of the client, which will be managed by our insurance company, or on the advanced payment of the goods.


Payment of goods will be settled as agreed. Delays in payment will allow the seller to demand a delay surcharge equivalent to 2% monthly. The customer will be liable for all costs caused by incorrect or refused payment documents, when they are issued as payment for the goods (checks, bills of exchange, etc.). In the event of orders that imply several deliveries, any lack of payment will allow the selling company to cancel all future deliveries until the payment is totally settled.


Please follow the following procedure to lay a claim:
  1. At the reception of the goods, if you appreciate that packaging boxes are broken or the number of packages does not coincide with those specified in the delivery document, please note it in writing on the reception documents of the transport company. If you do not do so, we will not be able to proceed with your claim.
  2. Once the goods are delivered and received, if you find that they do not comply with what you have ordered or any problem or defect is found, please contact our Quality Department on the telephone number +34 953 58 16 83, fax number +34 953 58 78 06 or by sending and e-mail to Please provide your company data and order identification and we will carry on with your claim.
  3. Once your claim is processed, if the return of the goods is accepted, please specify our claim number, which will be provided previously.
In any case, the customer will lay claims for possible defects of the goods within 20 days delay from the delivery date; once this delay is exceeded, no claims will be accepted.

Cancellations and/or modifications of the order

Cancellations or modifications in duly processed orders must be clearly informed to the company (in written, by fax or e-mail) within 10 days after order confirmation; otherwise the cancellation will imply a penalty to the customer, at least equivalent to 50% of the goods value (depending on the production stage at the moment of the cancellation).

Competent Judicial Authority

In case of dispute, the buyer, with express waiver of his own jurisdiction, will submit itself to the Courts of Alcalá la Real (province of Jaén), Spain.
In compliance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre de protección de datos de carácter personal), the client is hereby informed that the information contained in the Order Confirmation is confidential and it is only addressed to the people to whom it has been sent. We inform you that your personal data have been included in our database and you are entitled to access, modify, cancel and specify this information. This right can be exercised by contacting DISEÑO Y APLICACIONES DEL NOTEJIDO, writing.

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