Commitment with Quality

As a consequence of our commitment to quality and responsible management, Diseños NT has been awarded the following certifications. These certifications are available to our clients in this website and can be downloaded from this website.

Certificación ISO 9001


Grupo Diseños NT has as its main objective fulfulling the needs and expectations of its clients. In order to achieve this aim, it work with a Quality Management System which includes the compliance of UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008. This system, based in the work of all the staff part of the Grupo Diseños NT, leads us, thanks to the establishment of the suitable processes, to a continous improvement of Quality with the establishment of planned Quality Objectives which are supervised in order to verify their compliance and that of the relevant legislation, rules and other applicable requirements.



Certificación ISO 14001


Diseños NT has an environmental management system based in the standard ISO 14001: 2015. The environmental management system is based in pollution prevention and continuous improvement of environmental performance. The planning of the environmental management system is based in the significant environmental aspects, identified and assessed with the established methodology. With these aspects as basis, the environmental objectives and operational monitoring are defined in order to guarantee that Diseños NT complies with the established environmental requirements. The staff of Diseños NT has been trained in environmental aspects, being informed of the main generated impacts, and the established control measures, as well as the performance guidelines in case of emergency. The environmental management system is based, as well as the quality management system, in the commitment to continuous improvement.


BSCI Certification 


Xiamen Elite, our factory in China, meets all the requirements of the BSCI social Code of Conduct (Business Social Compliance Initiative), a European initiative voluntarily established by farmers to guarantee fair and safe working conditions. The fulfilment of this code of conduct is monitored and assessed with in situ tests (audits) under very strict social and environmental criteria.

Some of our products are manufactured in China, a country where social and environmental standards are in many cases under the acceptable labour regulations. Therefore, in our factory in China we work with the aim of maintaining certain standards which fulfil the social and environmental requirements throughout the production and supply chain, thus guaranteeing good labour practices and a fair deal for workers.

This BSCI Code of Conduct is based in international agreements with a crucial role in the improvement of the labour conditions, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, the OECD agreement, the UN Global Compact and the Agreements and Recommendations of the International Labour Organization (ILO).



PEFC Management

Diseños NT is aware of the fact that the production of automatic paper bags and envelopes should be sustainable, that is, environmentally responsible, socially benefitial and economically feasible. Juggling the efficiency of the company with the Environmental Preservation is an unavoidable aim within the management of the company, as the company is fully committed to the requirements of present society. In order to do that, a PEFC Management System, Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products has been designed. The company commits itself to maintain and update this system with the appropiate regularity after its establishment, disseminating its polity of Chain of Custody to all its staff, suppliers and subcontractors, as well as to make it available for the public in general.

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