A solid group

Our figures

Diseños NT belongs to a well-consolidated corporate group composed of a total of eight companies. Their business activities are directly linked to the parent company.  Nowadays, Diseños NT exports its products to more than 30 countries of different continents and has offices or sales representatives in Europe, America and Asia.

+ 28 Years of Trajectory


+ 35 Million Turnover in 2018

+ 30% Exports in 2018

+ 60 Million Bags Produced in 2018

+ 200 Direct Employees

5 production centres and 6 business offices

Our value proposal

Why We Are Different

The synergies between the different companies of the Group lead to a valuable competitive advantage in terms of products, prices and services. For this reason, our value proposal is unique and one of its kind.

Integrated production

We monitor all set of activities of our value chain, from the production of the raw material to the delivery of the final product. This is how we can guarantee the highest quality of our products and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Production flexibility

We meet the needs of any type of client, from small to high-volume orders. We are capable of taking over the production of high volumes in record time.

Unique offer

We offer a unique range of products in terms of variety of materials, printing techniques and customized finishes.

High competitiveness

Due to the fact that the value chain is completely integrated, we can optimise processes, reduce costs and offer the most competitive products of the market.

Flexibility and quick response

We can manufacture custom-made bags and arrange their delivery in different locations or logistic platforms in just 30 days. This way, our clients avoid the risk of stock-outs or over-stocks.

Certified quality

Our certifications endorse and prove that the products we supply comply with the highest standards of quality.

Past, present and future

Diseños NT today

Diseños NT was the first company of the Group and it is currently the parent company. It was founded in 1991 in Alcalá la Real, province of Jaén. Technologies and the way we relate to our clients have significantly changed ever since. We currently work in a much more technological and digital environment, but our purpose remains unchanged: creating value for our clients.

We bring added value with the tailor-made production of reusable bags, covers and other flexible packaging. We only use sustainable and recyclable materials, such as “non-woven” fabric, paper, cotton or recycled PET, among others. These materials are fully customizable by means of printing techniques of the highest quality, such as flexographic printing, digital printing, photogravure, offset, etc. These are customization techniques which provide added value to our clients, turning our packaging into an extremely powerful marketing tool for brands.

The customized bags are a key differentiating element, as they help our clients to:

  • Improve their image, by means of customizing the product and using it as an advertising tool.
  • Increase the visibility of their brand or promotion, due to the high reuse rate of the bags.

Diseños NT

Belongs to a solid and competitive industrial group

All the companies of Diseños NT Group share the same strategy of service, excellence and efficiency, focused in achieving total satisfaction of our clients.

Starting Point

Establishment of Diseños NT. Diseño y Aplicaciones del No-Tejido S.L.

New Applications

Production of covers, bags and other advertising packaging.


First steps in the internationalization strategy: starting in the Portuguese market.

New Services: production of printing plates

Covering the needs of our clients for image processing and graphic design.

New Business Division

This new division provides services of flexographic printing and lamination for the customization of the bags.

First Imports

Creation of the Department for International Trade: first imports.

Productive Investment

New facilities in the factory in Alcalá la Real (Jaén), main headquarters of the company.

Consolidation: New Production Lines

Setting up of new lines for automatic production of paper bags.

New Non-Woven Production Plant

Production of the raw material used to manufacture our bags: the non-woven.

New non-woven Production Plant

Production of the raw material used to manufacture our bags: the non-woven.

New Projects

New line of bags and covers in stock: Bags Collection.

New Business Lines

Development of new business lines focused in other sectors of activity:
– Table linens made of non-woven fabrict for the Retail and Food Service sectors.
– Disposable hygiene and sanitary products.