As recognition for the commitment of our company to Corporate Social Responsibility, we have been awarded the Silver Recognition by Ecovadis, the most trusted supplier of business sustainability ratings.

Based on the international standards of sustainable development, this certificate acknowledges the performance and good practices of Diseños NT in relation to four main areas:


Labour and Human Rights


Sustainable Procurement

This report assesses how our sustainability strategy is applied in all the processes of our company, highlighting the positive impact of our activity on our employees, clients, partners and the communities we work with and, in general, with the world around us.

Commitment towards the environment

Environmental Management

As a result of our commitment with the environment, we are constantly searching for those solutions of packaging and flexible packaging which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. A proof of that is the ‘PE HB ECO’ Recycled Bond non-woven fabric made of 50 – 70 % recycled material, which is the material used in the production of bags and covers made of non-woven material. Besides, all our products are made with 100% recyclable materials free of toxic, health-damaging or not environmentally friendly substances. We only use innocuous, water-based inks, without solvents or any other toxic substance. Even though we are very close now to achieving it, our aim is for all our non-woven bags and covers to be produced with 100% recycled material, avoiding the use of virgin resins.

The reduction of the environmental impact is also a priority objective for us. Therefore, we quantify and assess the carbon footprint derived from our activity. In comparison to Asiatic imports, manufacturing in Spain allows us to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the environmental impact derived from the transport of our products to Europe.

Our target is continuing in the path of being a social and environmental role model; generating jobs, providing well-being and creating value for our partners and interest groups. We will continue a path towards growth based on criteria of efficiency and social and environmental sustainability, with the objective that part of what is being given to us is reverted back to society.

Social commitment

Social causes

Those actions focused in social responsibility play an important role in our culture and values. We endorse social activities specially conceived to help the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. We are currently involved in a pilot project for social inclusion in cooperation with the multinational Repsol in order to implement a social integration project. The project consists on providing training and employment to single moms with dependent children, from different nationalities, without family support and victims of any form of violence.

A workshop will be run so that these women learn the sewing procedure of our products, helping them to recover their self-confidence and personal autonomy and therefore empowering them to make their way into the labour market.


Work commitment

Best business practices

We strongly believe in creating opportunities for everyone, which is why we pull for creating quality employment only. We own five production centres. All of them enjoy a healthy and safe environment workplace, based in collaborative, innovative and equal work. We encourage work inclusion of all type of workers, irrespectively of their age, gender, origin, or if they are in a situation of disability.
At Diseños NT we expect all of our professionals to behave according to the highest ethical standards, being governed by their desire to do the right thing. For this reason, we have developed a Code of Conduct and Ethics that aims to serve as a guide, informative reference and documentary source to help all professionals in our organization to choose the most ethically appropriate option in any circumstance.

Commitment to sustainability with suppliers

Sustainable Procedurement

Our commitment is based on the development of an efficient and sustainable chain from origin. Our integrated production system assimilates the concept of circular economy and is based in the use of non wovens made with 50% to 70% of recycled material. This management system based on circularity implies the production of the product, which will be used and subsequently reused, later recycled and, finally, recovered to reintegrate it in the value chain.

Furthermore, we comply with the PEFC Chain of Custody and Forest Management Certification, which verifies the traceability of products made of wood and its by-products. This certification allows us to guarantee that the paper used in the production of our bags comes from sustainably managed forests. This management helps to avoid deforestation and illegal exploitation of natural resources, therefore contributing to the improvement of economies from developing countries and the well-being of all citizens.