Reusable bags to raise funds for Cancer Reseach

As has become customary in recent years, on the occasion of the International Day against Breast Cancer, El Corte Inglés, in cooperation with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), carried out different actions in the point of sales, in order to increase society awareness on the prevention of this disease and to raise funds to support research.

To this effect, those customers who wished to contribute to this solidarity initiative and needed to buy a gift for someone would have the opportunity of choosing among items specifically proposed for this day in the different product categories. And, what would have been better than wrapping those presents in reusable bags, or using them as shopping bags?


Heat-sealed bag

We offered reusable bags made of non-woven. Different sizes were produced for a better adaptation of the bag to the sizes of the different items being carried.

Different models were proposed specifically for this campaign:

  • Heat-sealed bags with their logo printed in pink tones by means of flexographic printing.
  • Heat-sealed laminated bags with a special design of the pink ribbon.


The sale of solidarity products, among which our bag specifically designed for the occasion was included, was enthusiastically welcomed by their customers. All profits collected by selling these bags during the campaign were donated to the Spanish Association against Breast Cancer.

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