Promoting the use of reusable bags

The French multinational launched its campaign “ACT FOR FOOD, Actions to eat better”, an initiative which aims at increasing consumer awareness throughout the world on the importance of leading a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Within the framework of this project, the firm introduced a set of measures and initiatives to encourage the transition towards the consumption of more sustainable local products.

To support the promotion and communication of this campaign, Carrefour chose different advertising formats, one of which was our reusable bags. The initiative, named #Reuse, corresponds to action 101 of the Act for Food program. These bags achieve a dual functionality: one the one hand, they foster the use of reusable shopping bags among customers and, on the other, they promote and give visibility, inside and outside the supermarket, to the more than 100 actions within the framework of the program.


Custom-made reusable bags

  • We offered a customized reusable bag, custom-made and manufactured using non-woven fabric.
  • We manufactured a super resistant bag, capable with a bearing capacity of more than 15kg.
  • We laminated the bag to offer a fully customized finish.
  • The bag is entirely made in Spain, in our factory located in Jaén, contributing to local development and local economy.


The promotional bags of the campaign were a complete success. Other suppliers and major brands of the food sector joined the initiative set up by Carrefour in favour of food transition. Several co-branding actions were carried out, giving as a result the production of a wide range of customized promotional bags.

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