We have implemented an Integrated Management System that allows us to control all phases of the production chain and thus ensure the quality of all our products.

ISO 9001 certification

Quality and customer satisfaction, our main hallmark. Our main mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering them products that exceed their expectations. To carry out this mission, we have implemented a Quality Management System, which incorporates compliance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 Standard. This system is based on a strategy based on the work of all personnel and on the coordination of all processes.

ISO 14001 certification

Protection and respect for the environment is an integral part of our business model. Our commitment to the Environment is assumed with the implementation of an Environmental Management System based on the ISO 14001: 2015 standard that promotes environmental protection and pollution prevention through responsible and sustainable waste management.

This management system implies identifying all the environmental effects that could derive from our production activity and meeting a series of objectives related to sustainable management and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

ISO 134885

ISO 13485

All the products in the DNT Protection range have been manufactured under the strictest quality controls, endorsed by the International Certification of Quality Management System for the manufacture of hygienic-sanitary products.

PEFC management

This certificate guarantees that the paper with which all our kraft paper bags are made comes from sustainably managed forests. Thus, we promote the maintenance of biological diversity, we fight to combat illegal logging and we promote other important social functions played by forest resources such as:

  • To be the economic support of many rural populations and the origin of a very important processing industry.
  • Play a social and cultural role of great importance and increasingly recognized by today’s society.

Our customers can incorporate the logo on all their automatic paper products, thus guaranteeing consumers that their products have been manufactured in a responsible and sustainable way to guarantee the future of present and future generations.

Our PEFC Management System, Chain of Custody of Forest Products, is updated and disseminated with the established periodicity, among all our employees, partners, suppliers and other collaborators.


This Swiss certificate has been used since 1992 with the aim of subjecting exhaustive controls and rigorous scientific tests to the use of hundreds of chemical substances that are currently used when treating any type of fabric.

This certificate guarantees that the textiles with which our bags are manufactured donot contain in their composition any type of chemical substance that is toxic to health or harmful to the environment, being our fabrics 100% respectful with the skin. Currently, this seal is internationally known by the consumer, who demands greater awareness of companies and a more responsible use of chemical substances.

DNT Recycled Bond

This certificate, issued by DNT Non Woven Fabrics, a leading manufacturer of 100% polypropylene Spunbond type nonwovens, guarantees that the nonwoven with which our bags and covers are manufactured contains between a 50% -70% recycled material in its composition. The use of this type of textiles allows to increase the circularity of the material without altering the consistency and quality of the raw material, which guarantees the reliability of the entire manufacturing process and the properties of the final product.


At Diseños NT we have always had respect for the environment and the well-being of society as essential objectives of all our activities. We are committedto occupational safety and equity, to good environmental practices and to providing wealth and social development We carry out our activity taking into account all the processes and implications that our business has on our clients, employees, partners and the communities in which we operate. Our ultimate goal is none other than to exert a positive impact on all of them and, in general, on the world around us.

For this reason, in recognition of our environmental performance and our ethical and social commitment, we have obtained from Ecovadis, the most reliable provider of business sustainability assessments in the world,the level of Gold Recognition.

BSCI certification

Since 2016 we collaborate in the management and production with our manufacturing partner in Xiamen (China). Since then we have worked to maintain standards that comply with social and environmental requirements throughout the entire production and supply chain, thus ensuring good labor practices and fair treatment of workers.

This BSCI code of conduct is based on international agreements with a decisive role in improving working conditions, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Children’s Rights and Business Principles, the “International Covenant on Economic, Social Rights and Cultural ”of the United Nations, the OECD Pact, the UN Global Compact and the Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Xiamen Elite, our manufacturing center in China, complies with the requirements of the code of social conduct BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), a voluntary European initiative of producers to guarantee safe and fair working conditions. Compliance with this code of conduct is controlled and evaluated through on-site tests (audits) following strict social and environmental criteria.

The Integrated Management Policy of Grupo Diseños NT, the group of which we are part, is available herefor all interested parties. You can request to access our certificates here.