Economical, useful and practical, that’s how our advertising bags are. They are the most highly demanded item for advertising campaigns due to their low cost and the high impact achieved during their usable life.

Within the framework of advertising campaigns, choosing practical items for everyday life is what guarantees the success and promotion of a campaign. Besides, reusable bags provide endless uses during a long period of time. Still in need of more arguments to include reusable bags in your advertising campaigns?

Kraft paper bag

The eco-friendly packaging par excellence: 100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. From the classical and elegant natural or kraft colour to an endless number of colours and formats available: wide-bottom, twisted paper handle, etc.

Luxury paper bags

The premium packaging for those covering everything down to the last detail. They are the favourite format of big fashion brands, jewelleries, cosmetic shops, boutiques, etc.

Sewn fabric bags

They are hand-made, the perfect option for those who are looking for durable extra resistance. You will be able to choose among the widest variety in the market: cotton, pp woven, recycled PET, non-woven, polyester…

Heat-sealed fabric bags

They are made of 100% recyclable materials: non-woven or pp woven. Whether produced with or without lamination, the heat-sealed bags are the most economical, resistant and versatile customizable option. They are perfect for no matter which type of product or business.

Garment covers

They are perfect to preserve, protect and carry the most delicate clothing items: bride dresses, communion dresses, evening dresses, etc. They are the perfect format to avoid getting them stained or wrinkled while carrying them.

Other promotional packaging formats

Promotional gifts are a great customized packaging option to foster your sales and give visibility to your brand. Bags, drawstring bags, covers…. Useful packaging items for everyday life at a very low cost which will guarantee the success of your direct marketing campaigns.