Promoting the use of reusable bags

Conscious of the increasing customer awareness towards the environment and the reduction of all kinds of single-use plastic products, the biggest cooperative of the Spanish Mediterranean region, Consum, needed an eco-friendly, sustainable and effective solution to reduce the consumption of plastic shopping bags in line cashiers.


Custom-made reusable bags

  • We offered a customized reusable bag, tailor-made and manufactured with materials of recycled origin.
  • We developed a super resistant bag, capable of resisting more than 100 uses with no change in its qualities and a bearing capacity of up to 15 kg weight.
  • We laminated the bag so that it was 100% customizable with the brand image of our client.
  • The bag was entirely made in Spain, in our factory located in Jaén, therefore contributing to local development and economy and reducing pollution and CO2 emissions derived from transport, in comparison with Asian imports.


Since the 2nd of October and all around its commercial network, the supermarket chain is offering its new reusable bag, made in Spain with 100% recycled materials. Without a hint of a doubt, this was a safe bet to support the environment and local economic development.

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